Designing with Type 

6. Semester 

Wintersemester 2019

University of Plymouth

Supervised by Colm Dunne


"Gravity" is a typeface that was inspired by Thomas Pynchon, an American author of postmodern literature. Created with the background knowledge about him, his works and the cultural and social context in which he wrote. Who is Thomas Pynchon? An author who wants to remain unknown and has been hiding since 1963. The typography is inspired by the illusion he wants to create of his personality, but also of his dense and complex novels. 




Thomas Pynchon creates worlds in which you don't not know which episodes actually happens - which are dreamed or hallucinated. By combining signs and actions he is able to show an enormous amount of information. The reader is led astray through different levels and time lines, so that things are not what they seems like. 

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