Giant in the Sea – Ichthyosaurs had one of the largest eyes in the animal kingdom

An interactive table as a digital concept for the exhibition “Giant in the Sea”. It deals with the topic Eurhinosaurus – an extinct medium-sized fish dinosaur of the Ichthyosaur species. “Huge Eyes in the Animal Kingdom” is the title of this interactive table. Ichthyosaurs had one of the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. The largest specimen found to date has an eye diameter of about 26 cm. A fossil of an Eurhinosaurus skull has been found In Germany. Pictures of this fossil served as the basis for a 1:1 replica of the eye. The model serves as a representative. 


The interaction between the exhibition table and the visitor is carried out by the rotary control. This can be turned to the right or left. The information and knowledge about the Eurhinosaurus are divided into four categories. Each one is represented by an icon. Those enlarge when they are selected. Each category has an introduction explaining the topic. A subcategory can be chosen. By pressing the home icon you can return to the main categories. 

Interactive table


In the category “Location” pictures and videos show how the fossils are excavated.  The comparison between the eye structure of a human being and the one of the Eurhinosaurus are visualized at “Anatomy of the eye”. The subcategory “Pressure under water” shows why the fish dinosaur had an oval eye shape.

The category “Comparison of eye sizes” compares eyes in the animal kingdom in order to classify the eye size. “f-number” gives the visitor an impression of what the fish dinosaur might have seen underwater.

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