Food consumption and its

impact on our environment

Natural resources are, in their quality and quantity, not guaranteed for future generations according to the current management principle of society. In everyday situations, consumers are no longer aware that their behavior has a direct impact on the environment. The lack of knowledge about the consumption of food is a crucial point. So far there is no platform that supports sustainable food purchasing and makes it easier to consume in an environmentally friendly way.



The application"Food Impact" enables sustainable online food shopping. The impact of food consumption on the environment is made clear to the user by means of a rating system. The evaluation is based on the CO₂ equivalent, a unit of measurement for standardizing the climate impact of greenhouse gases. Different factors, such as production, manufacturing, processing, transport and storage, increase the CO₂ emissions of food. In the evaluation system, a distinction is made between products with a low or negative impact.

The user is guided in such a way that food with a low impact comes to the fore and in the best case he or she chooses the environmentally friendly alternative. For this reason, after each product choice, the user receives feedback on the impact the food has on the purchase and consequently on the environment. In addition to a relaxed shopping experience, "Food Impact" is intended to encourage people to think, reflect and act actively towards the environment.



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