Digital exhibition

“Hello, Robot. Design between human and machine.” is a touring exhibition which focuses on the current robotics boom. With around 200 exhibits and installations, the exhibition explores various areas in which robots will be encountered today and in the near future. On the basis of the exhibition catalogue, an interactive, cross-media concept was developed.  

Hello, Robot. Design between

human and machine.


4. Semester

Wintersemester 2018

Team Janika Sandrock, Ofri Tamil

Supervised by Prof. Andreas Pollok

Web design


The user will be asked questions to adapt the content of the category to his interests. Once
the filter is selected, move the mouse over the coloured circles. Behind these circles are infor-mation pages on exhibits and installations.

The exhibits are illustrated on the information pages with text, pictures and videos. The simple and clear menu navigation allows for changing categories. The reader gets an insight into the exhibition and can inform himself from home. 

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